Not only jewels, friends are also encrusted

In this wide wild world, we meet different people every day. From being acquainted to becoming close friends. Similarly, in our professional world, we meet people in different point of time while hopping companies. Some colleagues are there who are fully supportive to us and some are there who will be helping us but in truth they will be encrusted with negative energy. Good in front and later back stab.


My advice here is simple, don’t trust anyone blindly as there are people who may win your trust but are not trustworthy. Learn from your past, your experiences and act accordingly.  Being alert at all times help you to prepare for the worst. Trust your intuition. It’s always right.

Life is like a jewel, till it’s encrusted with diamonds, it’s beautiful, but as soon the diamonds are out, it does not have value. So adorn your life with affectionate and honest friends, not the encrusted ones.

Image courtesy: Google

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