Win your Life

For each and everyone of us, there is a dream which we want to pursue…to achieve and make proud our parents and friends. They also have an expectation and we try not to deter.

If everything goes as per plan, then it’s well and good…but if something hampers our plan..we immediately get disappointed. We think we have failed and life has come to an end.

I will tell you something, this is time when you should not be disheartened and be brave…just like a river. When it finds some obstacles in its path…it immediately meanders through a new route and keeps on moving. I remember a quote at this junction, “when one door closes to us…another one opens” recall this whenever you are faced with a problem. Just remember, the  problem is not going to stay permanently, but will fade away and give way for a beautiful new life or a new opening..which you never thought of before.


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