Happy Parent, Happy Child

Having a child at home is a god’s send gift. With them the home is exuberant.  As a parent, we need to need to nurture them in a best possible manner. If they grow up and do something nasty, we are ourselves to blame for that, and not the child. Foremost rule, not to provoke anger in them. Anger destroys a human being and his relationship with others. While bringing-up itself, the child has to be taught to be patient and calm and we as a parent, have to set the example. If we fail, we fail them. Hence we have to generate a personality that we expect from our child. Almost all the children look upon their parents as an idol, at least for the first few years of his or her life.

Make sure whenever the child is at home, a home is a happy place, whatever you want to argue with your better half should be later once the child is asleep is not available at home. It should not happen in front of them as they may adopt such practices in their life too. What they see, they adopt. So being cautious is very important.

Children are like a wax, whatever shape you want to give them; they will get molded into it. So, it’s better to be careful in front of them rather regret later. I know it’s very difficult, but practice makes a person perfect and I tell you, it’s not an impossible task. Try it and you will definitely learn it and in the process you benefit your child without you even knowing it.

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