Our World – Make it Safe

Where ever you turn,

You find dust, smoke and garbage

Filthy place nowhere to stay.


Pollution has surrounded us,

Whether it water air or land,

Who is responsible for it?

Of course! We, the humans.

Not a single place is safe,

Each place is toxic

What we eat, where we sleep and work

Everything is venomous.

We want cleanliness all around,

But would not take efforts,

Keep talking, but not show any concern,

The attitude of ours is damaging our world.

We as the greatest creation of the earth,

Have to look into the consequences,

And have to work hard to achieve,

Take possible steps to achieve impossible.


Save the world, it’s needed,

Start now or it will be too late,

Raise your voice,

The next generation is waiting.


Image courtesy – Google


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