Carrot Halwa For You




Carrot, milk, ghee and sugar,

Blend them together and add to the cooker.


Let it boil and be soft,

Till they mix together and get lost.

Churn it for some time,

Check for ghee to rise.


Close the cooker for some time

And let the halwa cook inside.


Remove it from the stove and keep aside,

Sprinkle almonds and cashew nuts on the top,

Get a bowl and spoon and take a bite,

No wonder, it would be YUMMY & NICE.

Image courtesy – Google

9 thoughts on “Carrot Halwa For You

  1. Carrot Halwa is a lovely dish. I have eaten it many times when friends wanted to give me a treat. But for one so well fed, I worried about gaining weight with all that sugar.

      1. You’ll have to tell me what to look for. I have not cooked with anything like that, but might if I can find it.

  2. Beth, here in India we have these sugar free substitute which is a food additive that provides a sweet taste like that of sugar while containing significantly less food energy. Its easily available in all the supermarkets.
    Btw, which country are you from?

    1. I am from the US, but travel often in India. I have seen the artificial sweeteners and don’t like to use them in cooking.

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