Indian Weddings

Weddings in India are an elaborate and grand affair. More than a wedding, it’s a call to relatives and friends for a get-together. If you observe, each and every state in India have a different style of wedding. In northern states, the rituals start in the evening and continue till the wee hours of the morning, whereas in southern states it’s more of a day show. By afternoon the weddings are over and evenings are chilled out with people chatting around and taking rest. Whatever it is, all wedding style will offer you something new to view and experience.


Apart from the grand rituals and traditions, the most vital part of the wedding is the ‘Food’. We Indians live on food and if the food during a wedding is not up to the satisfaction, it’s almost like a wedding gone wrong, because that is one thing that stays for a long time in the guests’ minds. Generally, the platter in any wedding is completely traditional and authentic with 10 to 12 items to taste. Sometimes the food will be so rich and delicious that it will be not enough for the guests and the chef might think that the number given to him was vague and not accurate.

As said before, in India every state has a different kind of wedding. Depending on the income and status of the family, the weddings are solemnized. You would be astonished to see that how some weddings are celebrated in larger than life manner. Sometimes the couples are so particular that they make elaborate plans for their weddings.. it might be a destination wedding, theme wedding, etc. Nowadays, most of the arrangements are managed by the Wedding Planners; just find a good planner who can offer you the best package as per your budget and experience the dream wedding. All the rituals from mehandi, sangeeth, tilak and the main wedding will all be done in a best possible way you can ever think of. For every wedding, new ideas are thought for decorations and celebrations and the affair goes on for 4 to 5 days that are treasured and cherished for the lifetime.

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