Book Review – No Room at the Inn

About the Book

The book which I am going to talk about is Jeffery Archer’s “No Room at the Inn”. I read this because it was free on Kindle. Right now, I am not purchasing any books on Kindle, but trying to find books that are good and of course free to be downloaded.


This book is one of the free good books on Kindle, even though it’s a short story and will not take more than a 15-minute read; it will really captivate you for those few minutes. The book talks about a person called Richard Edmiston who is visiting Italy and is quite fascinated by the locale and other destinations. He had somehow completed his journey and had left Montherchi, a small village in Italy which is famous for its museum containing the famous painting Piera Della Francesca. As he did not have much money he grabbed the cheapest dish in the menu from the local roadside café and as he needed good rest for the night he chooses again the cheapest stay, but things were not going the way he thought of when he reached the hotel. The crux of the story forms in the hotel where he spends the night.

The story enthralls from the start and keeps the tempo-rising. Give it a read as it’s free on Kindle. It will not take much of your time as it’s just a few pages.

The Author

Jeffery Archer is a world-renowned author with many bestsellers to his credit. He is the only author, having 19 fiction books, four short stories and one non-fiction book as the bestsellers. His journey has not been an overnight success, before indulging in writing novels; he had a failed carrier as a politician and a businessman. He had a life with a lot of ups and downs but later got settled writing books that became an overnight success.

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