Buy or Not to Buy – Mobile Phone

For a long time, I have been contemplating to buy a new mobile phone, but I am yet to make a decision on the brand and model. Almost every day a new model is launched and claims to be superior to the previous one with new features added, keeping you puzzled which one to choose. My choice is simple as I am not that tech savvy, I just need to talk to people, message them, take quality pictures, play my favourite music and watch some random videos to keep myself entertained and of course, few apps of my choice should be available in the play store, so it should be an android. My demands are simple, but the choice is difficult.

I did try iPhone, but somehow I was not comfortable with it because when I tried transferring my 240 songs to it, it could only take 40 and it wasn’t an easy task for me, as I had to take the support of iTunes every time I wanted to download a song, so here goes my patience and I said sayonara to it. Not my favourite songs, not my phone.


I own this at present

I have tried ample of smartphones before from vivid brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, and Microsoft, at current I am using a Chinese phone called Lecco Le 2, which claims to be an eco-friendly one. This phone of mine has grown up and after 2 years of vigorous hard work now it’s like tired and wants to sleep all the time. Say, if I am trying to find something important on the net, it will go blank and will restart again, that too if it is willing to do so. It is controlled by someone, but that’s not me. I will try to open an app, but as you can see my phone is adamant and intentionally it will open some other app and I will be like, “What the hell is this”. Result: My phone is going bonkers.

Now as I have taken the decision to purchase a new phone, I have no idea which one to choose. We are spoilt for choices. Every brand claims to be the best and we the consumers are in mess. Check on the latest news, it says Samsung has overtaken MI and it’s at present it’s the leading brand in India, so I think that’s the best phone and I should go for it, but my other half is not interested in Samsung as well as in any Chinese phones. So I am left with no choice, as most of the top phones available in India are Chinese (but, Made in India).

The abundance of Chinese smartphones brand in the market

Now, if I look at Indian mobile companies that I know of then I have Micromax, Karbonn, Spice, Intex, IBall, Xolo, and Lava. Ask my friends for an opinion; they are quick to reply that these phones are not up to the mark and are loaded with all outdated features when compared to Chinese phones which are the best right now and reasonably priced. There is a small dent in my heart when I listen that Chinese products are reliable, but I can’t deny that fact as I still own a Chinese phone which is not that bad.

An array of Indian Smartphones

Hope my dilemma will end soon and I will settle for something, but I don’t think that will in near future, as I will take my own sweet time and will wait for much better models at an affordable price and till than I have my phone for all purposes even if it is a bit crazy.. it will hang around with me for some more time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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