My Workplace Story

Finally, I am settled in a company, which is not promising as a career for me, but is comfortable and offers ease. I took the offer as I had nothing coming through and I was in need of a job, of course, I did not show that keenness in the interview. I played subtly and got the job. I joined as a content writer, but now I do both, content and research, I am not much of a research person, but I am learning as right now I don’t have plans to adopt a new change in life like I said I am settled.


fun at work

I have been working here for almost 2.5 years and only now I got my first hike. Yes, you read it right. After 2.5 years. It took them two years to understand the employee’s worth, some are here who have not got even after four years, but all are happy as this is convenient/Cozy and offers a comfortable workplace. None of the work is urgent; all work can be sailed smooth. So everyone is having fun. Even I was doing the same some three months ago, but now I have loads of work as the other guy moved to a new company, the work of his is delegated to me and I am 100 percent occupied now. Even writing a blog for WordPress at present is a far-fetched dream, but now seeing some extra followers on my page, I thought, let me do something. Can’t be ignoring my page for long, so here I am confessing, my workplace story.

In my workplace, you can see all kinds of people, lazy, active, dedicated and travellers. Some people just while away time. Some watch You Tubes and some just go cubicle to cubicle for some gossip.  But, I must admit there are a few who really are dedicated and work hard to complete their work before time. I think I can be counted in those, as I am working full-time and the new Vice President is giving me new tasks every now and then. Sometimes seeing others I feel like why I am working this hard for a few peanuts. But sitting idle is also a difficult task, how long can you read internet stories and gossips, you will be stagnated and hence you need to keep yourself occupied, which is good for your brain on top or it will rot.

The advantage here is that I have l experienced new kind of work ethics, made many new friends who are helpful and keep you in good spirit, whatever the case may be. A comfortable office life from where you go home without any distaste. It’s been a new way of life altogether with some positivities and negativities, but I have embraced it wholeheartedly even though it does not satisfy all my dreams, but gives me space for more family life which is utmost significant to at present.

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4 thoughts on “My Workplace Story

  1. Good. At times I think that there is no satisfaction at work either not doing justice both the ends.. family or employer..

    1. Thanks Anand. I agree with you… its very difficult to do justice either family or work. But we have to put a fullstop somewhere like by being productive during wrok hours and leave home on time, the only way to move forwad and do the best. this way you will not be neglecting anyone or anything.

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