Narcissism: Know the Disease

I am writing today on Narcissism (self-importance) disease. While going through the word prompts, I caught hold of this word, which I had never heard of, but it felt like some kind of phobia, so I checked the meaning in google and got the answer. It is a genetic disorder and generally found very common in men. In this disorder, the person has an inflated sense of self-importance. Treatment can help, but can’t be cured. I wonder how those people would be suffering at the hands of others without any fault of theirs. Society would ridicule them with sarcasm. You can sympathize with them but can never empathize.


It’s an awkward situation when you have narcissism

 You assume you are the best, but that not would be.

Gradually, the said friends disappear and you are stuck alone

No one to help you, no one to guide,

Why this life, why alive?


With no fault of yours, you tend to be like this,

But no one knows the fact, behind the act.

Let people know, make them aware

Of your difficult condition,

Have some support who can tell others the godly mistake in you.


Don’t ignore your condition, as it will cause a problem

Help is required, go for it, and stop thinking that it is impossible

Try your best to ignore the criticism, be yourself in all situations.


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2 thoughts on “Narcissism: Know the Disease

    1. These are the most difficulty and self-centered people one can deal with.
      They’re no less than people that cares only much about their interests.
      I’m not an admirer of such monopoly of interest.
      – Alozie Akpu.

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