Nostalgic School Days




remember my class was not less than a zoo

All kind of animals you can witness in a single view,

With different traits and characters,

We were a bunch of freaks!


Most notorious class in the campus

All time we created a ruckus

But that was only for fun

We never intended any harm


Being a student comes once in a lifetime

That’s the time when we sing and pass the time

Laughing at every snippet & crap

As if the time will soon wrap.


Lunchtime was always fun

When tastiest lunch box will be on a run

For every bite, we used to fight

In the end, it was always alright.



What will be our free periods?

We will always be curious

Again, get some time away from the desk

And have fun till we are berserk


We always cherish moments

Those are close to our heart

School friends are there

To whom we open our heart.

Image courtesy: Net

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