Dreams that Don’t Make Any Sense

Dreams are something on which we do not have command. We dream of anything, it does not make any sense, and when we rose up out of it, we don’t even remember what we had dreamt about.


When I was a little school girl, I dreamt about rats. It was definitely a repulsive one. I can say this for sure because after I got up, I could not forget it for a few days as it kept on repeating in my mind. Even today, I remember it very clearly, but I never liked that piece of dream.

It was definitely a defective dream which can be actually studied by experts. In the dream of mine, the rats lived in a huge tower building which was old and abandoned.  This is the place where they collected their hunt for future use. In my dream they were actually brought a dead worm and a human being. And, if they do not get a dead one, they had the practice of tying that animal or human to a chair and make it sit on it till it dies. Food was not given and the living being will shout of pain and hunger. In the dream, the human I visualized is very close to my heart and that is why this dream has made an impact on me that till now & I am not able to forget it.

I never understand why I saw such a repulsive dream. Generally, it is said that whatever happened with you the whole day, it runs through your mind when you sleep and can get transformed into a dream. But the one which I saw can’t be that as I do not see worms and rats the whole day. It’s not possible. I would like to interpret the dream but no one is there to explain it. I could not visualize the complete dream as I rose up from my sleep sweating profusely. It was the most disgusting dream I had ever seen in my life. In fact, I don’t see dreams and this dream came as a big surprise which did not explain anything but could only create confusion and sadness.

I never uttered a word about this dream to anyone as I thought it would look silly in front of my siblings. Even today when I think of this dream I shiver and say a little prayer to keep my close one safe and sound.

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