Smile Always…


Smile creates an everlasting impression

It gives you the new confidence

Rise to take the world

With grit and determination


The caper won’t work, nor cowardice

You have to be strong to remove the cries

The savage will stop you, pry you

Don’t be scared, get you act together and try


All loved ones are with you

Following you in each and every step

So you don’t jangle, keep calm and ahead.


Best way to handle things

Are to just go with the flow

The things will fall into place

When you smile with a grace.

images (1)

Many people will be jealous

But don’t go for their flaws

As they will get in line with you

When they know your cause.


Smile always,

It fills the heart & soul.

Keep people happy & together

that create the right picture.


Image courtesy: Net

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