A Little of ME

I was generally not the person who break rules, I was obedient, innocent, calm was very goody goody type, but that all I was when in school till VIII class, all changed from class IX, I became a notorious person who cannot sit quiet for a long time. All that calmness was gone with the wind; I had become a chatter box. I was totally a changed person and still I am the same.

lost in life.jpg

Of course, a few things stuck like second skin namely not to be tardy, going beyond my limits to help others and the joyful nature (which I am generally related to). My strategies towards life changed, I started seeing friend in strangers, no fear of talking to anyone, being more enthusiastic and started cherishing each moment. My horizon broadened, I tried to experimenting different options to study, I started reading loads of books, I started practicing more in studies. I really did well in schools, even stood 1st in class, which I had never dreamt of. At present, I am a guide to my son, his encyclopedia for all subjects (even though half of the time I refer Google for providing answers to his questions).

In home, I was considered the most intelligent person when compared to my siblings, but where I went wrong I do not know, I did not study further after my graduation.  I will start with some course, and then leave it midway. I got a job and then I did not look back to complete my education which I still regret. Though, being a graduate does not hurt, but I could have done much better. I could have gone places, but this is fate, can’t change it.

The friends of mine from school have done much better than me, and sometimes it really feels blank. I try to be candid, but it real pains, but now I can’t do anything about it. I need to improve on this, equip myself with the best I can.

I have enrolled in one course, but even doing the assignment bores me and if I don’t do the assignment I will not be able to sit for the exams. I need the strength to sit and finish the assignment in one go and close it. Hope I finish this course so that I get some level of confidence in me that I can achieve things I want. I really need that now as sometimes I feel that I have failed myself but if I finish this course, I will conquer back the confidence that is lost somewhere in chasing life.

I want to be the same IX class girl, who was confident, mischievous and ready for all at all times and for that I need to get back my calm so that I don’t lose my energy and utilize it in more better way for achieving the best in life personally and professionally.

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