Little about me

Some fact about me, using the word prompts   When I am silent, people are in bliss Compass tells the location, I tell stories that you can relate to. Join me with a mentor, I will become a teacher. The tide of the sea, can’t stop me to achieve Life is filled with bubbles and [...]

We, the Women

I am a woman, am also a mother who keeps giving lectures to the little sapling. He hates that part but dotes on me a lot. I am a woman, am also a wife, but yes, I am not a spy. I am never suspicious about the other half as I know he is my [...]

The Dancing Butterfly

See those pretty butterflies, dancing in rain, Mesmerizing, enthralling with lovely moves. An immense pleasure to see this god’s creation Who became so beautiful & colourful in a fraction.   Learn from a butterfly, through its transformation Slow and gingerly, it grows, does not haste. It takes time to grow but comes out great. Feeds [...]

Change Required!

Change is constant Or life is rusted It brings freshness Shoving the dullness.   But why change? Is there any gain? Think again?   Change makes difference Wipes your distress Infuse confidence Makes you radiant.   You need to struggle To bring the change Meet some people Who went through the pain.   Change in [...]

Election FEVER! Be Prepared to Vote!

Its election time fever in India, The biggest democracy of the world! Everywhere there are some or the other political party campaigning in every nook and corner of every state you can think of. These are the same politicians who do not even bother to see you or listen to your plea or grievances, but [...]

Make Life Simple

Life is unexpected, go with the flow Nothing will stop you to grow & glow Exceptional qualities take you ahead Follow them and take the lead.   It’s not easy to break the rules Do not break, but make them cool Believe in yourself, add the fuel Work hard, avoid brawl.   Superficial life is [...]

The Simple Key to Happiness

How would you prefer your life to be? How? That was my thought when I was disappointed with my life the other day. It happens every now and then to everyone, when we have a fight with someone or someone whom you love is not reacting the way they used to or someone is kept [...]