Cut the crap, get the act

Age is just a number, when you are young at heart, Don’t bother what others say, you are class apart. Give sparkle to your life with lot of achievements This will help you to garner the perfection. Others might sting, but don’t deter Stay calm, there is nothing to fear. Hope will keep you alive [...]


A Star is Born

Gone are the days When you sulked It’s now new you With all the fun.   It’s a surprise When I look at you The complete makeover Compiled with grace.   You chose to stand Against the odd Fight with all might Whoever gave the fright.   I wonder if this is you. Who could [...]

Sadly Happy!

A lonely life All frigid, nothing right Looking for something That’s cool and bright.   Exploring options Churning paths To find something That will catch my heart.   Patterns are creating Path are hauling Bringing some relief With mighty belief.   I will find someday The glory of life That will enlighten And show me [...]

Change Required!

Change is constant Or life is rusted It brings freshness Shoving the dullness.   But why change? Is there any gain? Think again?   Change makes difference Wipes your distress Infuse confidence Makes you radiant.   You need to struggle To bring the change Meet some people Who went through the pain.   Change in [...]

Make Life Simple

Life is unexpected, go with the flow Nothing will stop you to grow & glow Exceptional qualities take you ahead Follow them and take the lead.   It’s not easy to break the rules Do not break, but make them cool Believe in yourself, add the fuel Work hard, avoid brawl.   Superficial life is [...]

The Summer Days!

  Summer is here and so is the heat, But, it’s the time to pamper your food greed, As the king of fruits ‘Mango’ is ripe To give you the heaven’s delight.   With summer, the planet gets dry So have to focus on something bright To keep cool, we need to have coconut water [...]