Love Forever

We say February is the month when romance blooms and love fills the air. It’s all romantic, cheerful and breezy. I have seen many of my friends making plans and asking me for ideas on what to do on the V-day. I wonder why this day is celebrated so much when you can celebrate with [...]

Rather, I be with you

Your luminescent face made my heart beat faster The twinkle in your eye, the smile on your lips, created a flutter Don’t want to rush, but I can’t live without you It’s lonely, it’s deserted without you.   World has become small, your memories large, The pain inchoate, and lasts for long, It’s just a [...]

The Simple Key to Happiness

How would you prefer your life to be? How? That was my thought when I was disappointed with my life the other day. It happens every now and then to everyone, when we have a fight with someone or someone whom you love is not reacting the way they used to or someone is kept [...]

Writing the Dream

I love travelling and exploring new places in my own particular way, but with hectic schedule of work on the home and official front, such trips are not at all possible at present. Previously, I would think once I start working I will definitely enjoy two vacations a year, alas, all dreams went to smoke. [...]

Smile Always…

Smile creates an everlasting impression It gives you the new confidence Rise to take the world With grit and determination   The caper won’t work, nor cowardice You have to be strong to remove the cries The savage will stop you, pry you Don’t be scared, get you act together and try   All loved [...]