It’s Me!

I don't dream, I plan. Yes. I plan a lot, but it takes time to implement. I look back, and think, I should have done this and that, then I would have been in a better position. But, what's the use of even thinking now as time and tide never waits for someone. I always [...]

Dream with Family

Life is a blessing, particularly when the family is around you Then love and care, the warmth and kindness, follow you You grow wings and become creative; the atmospheric feeling belongs to you Share the love, so poise and pure, it’s time to show that you are part of the flow.   The family keeps [...]

Rather, I be with you

Your luminescent face made my heart beat faster The twinkle in your eye, the smile on your lips, created a flutter Don’t want to rush, but I can’t live without you It’s lonely, it’s deserted without you.   World has become small, your memories large, The pain inchoate, and lasts for long, It’s just a [...]

The Dancing Butterfly

See those pretty butterflies, dancing in rain, Mesmerizing, enthralling with lovely moves. An immense pleasure to see this god’s creation Who became so beautiful & colourful in a fraction.   Learn from a butterfly, through its transformation Slow and gingerly, it grows, does not haste. It takes time to grow but comes out great. Feeds [...]

Voice of a Loner

My life is like a meanderst moving on Without a sense of destination I wonder where it’s taking me   Life is painful, want to cry But all tears have gone dry I feel something pinching me from inside But there is no way I can let that out    I wonder if life’s uncompromising [...]