Now, I Need You the Most

Thinking of the conversation, I had with you I felt it's going nowhere but only arguments That’s never going to end.   The reservations you have against me, It’s unbelievable, being together for so many years, Now it seems all meaningless.   The beautiful life we started together, Is coming down with thunder No words [...]


Let the Gossip Grow!!

Who does not have nosey neighbors who would like to know the mystery and stories of your home, even though his home in the background will be a total mess with regular domestic fights at home, extramarital affairs and what not? But still, he would be interested in your home, what’s brewing? What they want [...]

Success Beckons All!

Almost everyone has a dream from childhood to become luminescent in this wide wild world. Some make it possible and some don’t succeed because of the rush at the top level. Not everyone gets to play the best part, some take supporting role during the inchoate stage and become successful gradually. Everyone should know that [...]

Taste the Success!

Wake up at dawn and experience the calm, Let your eyes observe the halo of orange and blue. Feel the goodness that is real, not surreal It’s the trademark of the sunrise that keeps you alive.   It’s time, get started, take an oath Never to slow down, till you reach the destination Share your identity [...]

My Workplace Story

Finally, I am settled in a company, which is not promising as a career for me, but is comfortable and offers ease. I took the offer as I had nothing coming through and I was in need of a job, of course, I did not show that keenness in the interview. I played subtly and [...]

My Tupperware Story

‘Tupperware’ products are a style statement and almost all the office goers flaunt their Tupperware lunch boxes, bottles, and whatnot. Being a normal human being, I also got interested in these stylish products. I was so attracted by their shapes, colors, and range of products that I ended up buying a snack box for my [...]