Leave Fear Live Better

Make your fear invisible, live peaceful Life is extremely short, achieve more Don’t get stuck in the fear, move the gear.   Move ahead, work ahead, plan ahead It will give you the reason to concentrate And make sure that you achieve dreams   Teach others to be fearful and visible Lead them to the [...]


The Versatile Blogger Award

Dear Readers, Do you know sometimes a good news makes your day when you are least expecting it or should I say not even thinking about it. This happened to me ‘Today’. Yes . Yes. Yes. And the good news is that I have been nominated for ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. It really brought a smile [...]

You Need It!

Relationships are not easy to make and maintain they need your precious time and most importantly love. The relationship between two people or more is built on trust and belief. If anytime the trust is broken, the relationship cannot last how much you try to mend it. Patience is the key to all relationships. Without [...]

Win your Life

For each and everyone of us, there is a dream which we want to pursue...to achieve and make proud our parents and friends. They also have an expectation and we try not to deter. If everything goes as per plan, then it's well and good...but if something hampers our plan..we immediately get disappointed. We think [...]

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day, so thought of writing about it using the daily word prompt. Here it goes! A universal fact I tell you today Women are superior as on day They handle home and office with ease And make everyone please.   A wonderful creation of god, Millions of qualities, Best of all, [...]