My Favourite Hangout!!

Terrace! Yes terrace. My favourite place in this world is terrace and that too alone, no one around me. I simply like to sit there and just see, nothing in particular. It’s the place where I vent my anger, think about my worries, jot them and try to find solutions. To be in peace, I [...]

Wishing the best to our dear brothers on Kanu Pongal – a Tamil Nadu ritual

With the dawn of English New Year, celebrities begins in India, the first being the harvest festival. Yes, in India we thank the sun god for the good crops and grains that have been harvested. This thank giving is a nation-wide celebrations, but have different names across state borders. The name is different, but the [...]

It’s Me!

I don't dream, I plan. Yes. I plan a lot, but it takes time to implement. I look back, and think, I should have done this and that, then I would have been in a better position. But, what's the use of even thinking now as time and tide never waits for someone. I always [...]

Dream with Family

Life is a blessing, particularly when the family is around you Then love and care, the warmth and kindness, follow you You grow wings and become creative; the atmospheric feeling belongs to you Share the love, so poise and pure, it’s time to show that you are part of the flow.   The family keeps [...]

Rather, I be with you

Your luminescent face made my heart beat faster The twinkle in your eye, the smile on your lips, created a flutter Don’t want to rush, but I can’t live without you It’s lonely, it’s deserted without you.   World has become small, your memories large, The pain inchoate, and lasts for long, It’s just a [...]