The Simple Key to Happiness

How would you prefer your life to be? How? That was my thought when I was disappointed with my life the other day. It happens every now and then to everyone, when we have a fight with someone or someone whom you love is not reacting the way they used to or someone is kept [...]


The Cycle Love

The taper roads Leads to my home Where I love to bike With all the pride.   Me and beauty Zoom around Head held high To reach extreme heights   It might happen While in ride The tire got puncture I fall with great might   Might get injured, But not lose faith Want to [...]

A Little of ME

I was generally not the person who break rules, I was obedient, innocent, calm was very goody goody type, but that all I was when in school till VIII class, all changed from class IX, I became a notorious person who cannot sit quiet for a long time. All that calmness was gone with the [...]

Writing the Dream

I love travelling and exploring new places in my own particular way, but with hectic schedule of work on the home and official front, such trips are not at all possible at present. Previously, I would think once I start working I will definitely enjoy two vacations a year, alas, all dreams went to smoke. [...]